I love people”, Mr Scholz says. You’ve never come across a man who is so interested in virtually any type of person. In fact he’s almost certainly the nosiest man who has ever set foot on this planet. When he is interviewing people, he does not just simply ask them this or that. He immerses himself in them and their subject in the knowledge that everyone has interesting things to say.

Dev burns, infects others with his intensity and entices people to show so much more than they usually would in front of the camera. And while he puts his subjects into completely authentic documentary settings, he somehow also manages to conjure up an accompanying aesthetic class.

He can transform even the driest briefing into rather cool content: Commercials, Corporate stuff, Employer branding, Music videos, Shortfilms for social media, whatever. Make yourself comfortable and weave your way around this website.

Dev is at one with the expensive equipment he works with and this enables him to enjoy the fondness of working in small teams. Dev is also always interested to explore new borders and even shift beyond them, if you let him. But if that’s not for you, he also does mainstream.”